I am a software engineer born and raised Mersin, Turkey. I then moved to Istanbul to attend university and graduated from Istanbul Technical University with a BSc in computer engineering. I have been working as software engineer since 2013 in the industry. I am an application developer of 8+ years experience with a focus on Microsoft technologies. I helped the development of web apps and desktop apps using C#, .NET framework, WPF, NUnit and SQL. I use tools such as Visual Studio, Git, dotMemory and dotTrace. I had some exposure to Java and Python in my free time.

Throughout the years, I developed new features for software, fixed bugs, analyzed memory leak issues, analyzed and improved performance problems and wrote unit tests in 3 different countries: Turkey, Germany and Belgium. I have experience in development of both small (3 developers) and very large (500+ developers) software projects.

I prefer reading tech books and blogs to keep myself up-to-date. I speak English and Turkish.