Welcome to my personal website! My name is Barış Akkurt (My full name is Dicle Baris Akkurt, Dicle Baris is my first name and Akkurt is my last name. My friends and family call me Baris.) I hold a BSc degree in computer engineering from Istanbul Technical University. I have been working as software engineer since 2013. I use C#/.NET Framework, SQL and WPF on a daily basis at work.

I was born in 1988 in Mersin, a Mediterranean city in Turkey. I went to elementary school and high school in Mersin. Then I moved to Istanbul, Turkey in order to study in the university. I graduated from computer engineering department of Istanbul Technical University. Since 2013, I have been working as a software engineer with a focus on C# and .NET framework.

I have 11+ years of professional experience at medium and large companies in different countries, namely Turkey, Germany and Belgium. Things I do at work:

  • Designing a solution for a problem
  • Solving problems by writing code
  • Debugging, performance analysis, memory analysis, maintenance of the code base
  • Writing tests (unit testing, integration testing, property testing)
  • Writing and reviewing documentation
  • Collaboration with the teammates and colleagues

In my free time, I read books, watch movies and TV shows, swim and travel. As a person born in a Mediterranean city, I have always liked swimming. Although, I do not live in my hometown now, I still go to swimming pools where I live. I find it relaxing and also it is beneficial for my health. Having visited abroad first time in 2014, I discovered that traveling is fun. It is exciting and broadens one’s horizons. Since then, I try to visit different countries and cities every year. So far I have visited only Europe, North America and North Africa, but look forward to visiting other continents. While at home, I spend my time reading books and watching movies and TV shows. Especially I like tech books and history/culture books. I read tech books because it is my profession and I enjoy learning new things. I read history and culture books because to be able to understand today, it is essential to know about the past.