I am an avid reader and have read plenty of tech books and blogs through my software engineering career. I list the books and online articles I benefited most here so that it helps other software engineers find their next book.

Tech Books I liked most:

This book explains how a modern computer work bottom-up, starting from the electrical circuits and going up to assembly, operating systems and the internet. The book goes into all the details to explain the concepts but still manages to be an easy-to-read book.

Writing and Interpreter in Go is an hands-on book teaching you how to code a tree-walking interpreter for the Monkey programming language -a language designed specifically for this book-. If you aren’t a Go programmer, I still recommend this book, because code examples are easy to read and convert to other languages. After all, I didn’t know Go language when I was reading this book but still I was able to finish it and coded my own programming language.

A collection of essays by Paul Graham on hacking, programming and startups. I read it in 2007 Summer when I was a computer engineering student and it made me think about those topics as a young student. Back in 2007, there wasn’t many books focusing on these technological topics. So this book also reminds me those days.

This book discusses the software design by starting with the complexity in software. Then, it talks about how to approach managing complexity in software. The author shows both good and bad examples from the Stanford students’ software projects to explain his point. I particularly liked the author’s use of student’s code to discuss these topics. The author’s observations in academia are in line with my 10-year experience in the industry which makes the book even more valuable.

This is rather a history book about computers and hacker culture. Author describes the hackers beginning with early hackers at MIT. Then he continues with hardware hackers and game hackers. Highly recommended for those who are into history of computers and hacking culture.

Articles I liked most:

10 Most(ly dead) Influential Programming Languages by Hillel Wayne
How Rust is Tested by Brian Anderson
How I Wrote Game Programming Patterns by Bob Nystrom