My github profile is here. Some notable weekend projects from me:

Top 250 Films

Top 250 Films is an Android application that was rejected by Google due to copyright issue. (I included all movie posters in the application and this is an copyright problem according to their policy.) The source code is reachable here. The application lists all Top 250 films from the IMBD and user can mark movies that he or she watched. Therefore, user can track which movies watched.


This is a tree walking interpreter implementation of a programming langauge with Turkish keywords. Unit tests are included in the project. The source code is reachable here.

An example code snippet of my programming language:

değişken x = 3;
eğer ( x == 2 )
  değişken sayaç = 1;
  oldukça (sayaç < 5)
    yazdır sayaç;
    sayaç = sayaç +1;
  yazdır 101;
  yazdır 102;