Nuremberg City Guide

This is a guide written by me to help tourists for the city of Nuremberg. It is work in progress and should be a comprehensive guide soon. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have suggestions about this guide.

Quick Facts:
Nuremberg is a city within  the state of Bavaria in Germany with approximately 500.000 population.
Euro is the currency
The city name in English is Nuremberg. It is Nürnberg in German and Turkish.
During middle ages, Nuremberg was a free imperial city within the Holy Roman Empire.
The first German railway was opened in 1835 from Nuremberg to Fuerth.
Nazi Party rallies were held in Nuremberg in 1927, 1929 and from 1933 to 1938 on a yearly basis.
After WW2, world famous Nuremberg trials took place in Nuremberg.
After West-East Germany split, Nuremberg was placed in West Germany.
Some old photos by city archive.
Nazi era photos of Nuremberg by Third Reich Ruins. Do not miss the 2nd part.

Public Transportation:
Subway (metro) is named as U-Bahn in German. Download Nuremberg subway map here.

Bike Rental:
Noris Bike bicycles can be rented through bike stations accross the city. Please find more information here. Once you register Noris Bike, you can use it in other cities as well.

Luggage Storage:
Nuremberg Main Railway Station has baggage lockers for passengers. Travelers can use it with a reasonable fee. Please watch this funny video to see the size of one of the lockers.

Cinecitta is the largest cinema complex in the city. It is located in the old city by the river. Mostly movies are in the original language but sometimes they broadcast movies with subtitles.
Roxy Renaissance Cinema is the cinema complex movie fans can watch the films in English.
Nürnberg Türk Sinemasi is the cinema complex that broadcasts Turkish movies.

Touristic Attractions:
Nuremberg Kaiserburg (Nuremberg Castle)
Documentation Center
St. Lorenz Church
Der Schöne Brunnen
Way of Human Rights
Albrecht Dürer House
Nuremberg Trial Courthouse
Toy Museum
German Railway Museum
Germanisches National Museum
City Museum Fembohaus
Neues Museum
Industrial Culture Museum
Communication Museum
St. Sebaldus Church
Ship of Fools

Main website for events in Nuremberg is here.

Blue Night
Folk Festival
City Beach
Flea Market
Rock in Park

Main website for parks in Nuremberg is here.

Nuremberg StadtPark
Volkspark Marienberg
Volkspark Dutzendteich

Other Places:
Nuremberg Zoo

Close Cities:
Bamberg, Regensburg, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Munich

Free Wifi:
There is 30 min free wifi at the Nuremberg Main Railway Station. If you exceed 30 min quota, your subscription is renewed after 24 hours.
There is 24 hour free wifi at the Nuremberg Airport.

Useful Websites:
Nuremberg City Portal
Nuremberg Tourism Portal
Nuremberg Wikipedia Entry
Nuremberg Wikivoyage
Nuremberg Wikitravel

Useful Mobile Apps:
VGN Fahrplan & Tickets – This is an app for public transportation.
Google Maps – Google maps is world wide known navigation app and it is preinstalled in most of the cellphones. Its “offline content” feature can be used to download Nuremberg map.

Movies to Watch:
Nuremberg Trial