Interpreter and Compiler Resources

These are the websites I find useful about interpreters and compilers. If you know other cool resources, please let me know.


Crafting Interpters : The book currently I am reading. It is detailed, yet accessible.
Writing an Interpreter in Go by Thorsten Ball, non-free
Basics of Compiler Design
Let’s Build a Compiler, famous Jack W. Crenshaw tutorial
Build Your Own Lisp: To be honest, I read several chapters from this book but I did not like it and stop reading.
Compiler Construction, Niklaus Wirth
Structure and Interpretetation of Computer Programs
Beautiful Racket

Online Courses:

Udacity Programming Languages Course
Udacity Compilers: Theory and Practice Course

Blog posts:

Let’s Build A Simple Interpreter by Ruslan Spivak (13 Parts)
Programming Paradigms for Dummies: What Every Programmer Should Know, by Peter van Roy;