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Social Media Profiles

My social media profiles: Linkedin Github Stackoverflow Xing Goodreads (The books I have read recently) My IMDB lists: All Watched Movies All Watched Documentaries Watched Animes Watched Series Watched Animations Watched Turkish Movies Watched Indian Movies Watched Iranian Movies Watched German Movies Watched Far Eastern Movies and Series

Interpreter and Compiler Resources

These are the websites I find useful about interpreters and compilers. If you know other cool resources, please let me know. Books: Crafting Interpters : The book currently I am reading. It is detailed, yet accessible. Writing an Interpreter in Go by Thorsten Ball, non-free Basics of Compiler Design Let’s Build a Compiler, famous Jack

Nuremberg City Guide

This is a guide written by me to help tourists for the city of Nuremberg. It is work in progress and should be a comprehensive guide soon. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have suggestions about this guide. Quick Facts: Nuremberg is a city within  the state of Bavaria in Germany with approximately