I am Baris Akkurt (my whole name is Dicle Baris Akkurt, but my friends and family call me Baris) and was born in 1988 in Mersin, Turkey and receieved BSc in computer engineering from Istanbul Technical University in 2013. I have been working as software developer. My social media profiles are here.

Timeline of my life:

2020 February Moved to Ghent, Belgium
2017 December Moved to Nuremberg, Germany
2014 September Traveled abroad for the first time
2013 July Started working as an engineer in Istanbul
2013 February Graduated from university
2013 January Visits ended, back to normal
2011 September Regular hospital visits started, most difficult years started.
2006 September Started studying at ITU, department of computer engineering
2006 June University entrance exam. Ranked 2089th
2006 June Graduated from high school
2002 September Started studying at Icel Anatolian High School
1995 September Started studying at elementary school
1988 April Born in Mersin, Turkey